Corporate Tax Departments


Xpitax for Corporate Tax Departments

Your department manages a lot of deliverables critical to the company’s overall financial health. But, you’re viewed as overhead and are therefore being pushed to do more with fewer resources. Xpitax can help you cost-effectively extend your team with skilled accountants to help you with sales tax management, state and local taxes, executive returns, and other data entry intensive work.

Your team handles high volume transactions, and you’re constantly battling constraints particularly during busy periods. Xpitax's trained Chartered Accountants can help you stave off burnout and more cost-effectively manage property taxes, sales and use tax, state and local taxes, tax provisioning, income taxes, transfer pricing, and other data-entry intensive projects.

Our experienced professionals are trained to prepare a high quality product that is on par with what you would expect of your team. Best of all, you don't have to change to fit our process. All you need is a scanner and broadband connection to get started. Outsourcing helps stabilize otherwise volatile staffing constraints by enabling companies to better utilize staff throughout the year.

Learn how Xpitax can help you better manage your busy periods:

  • Reduce burnout by supplementing in-house resources with trained professionals
  • Develop junior staff members by giving them higher level work
  • More cost-effectively manage high volume transactions by maximizing sourcing strategies

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