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Developed by CPAs for the accounting profession, Xpitax tax and accounting outsourcing services help accounting professionals in a variety of businesses more effectively manage their compliance work so they can focus on delivering value.

How can Xpitax help you? Learn more about Xpitax’s advantages for….

Public Accounting Firms
Your expertise is in demand. Clients want your assistance building profitable businesses, growing their personal wealth, making sound financial decisions. That’s the value you deliver. But they also expect you to help them with their compliance work – tax return preparation, monthly and quarterly bookkeeping, and financial reporting – 80 percent of which is primarily data entry. Learn how Xpitax can help you focus more on value creation, while improving your profit margins on compliance work.

Bookkeeping Practices
Your clients count on you to help them run their businesses. You are their back-office – handling the books, making sure bills and staff are paid on time, managing receivables. But you are more than that. You are a trusted financial partner. Those are simply the tools you use to deliver the coaching and consulting your clients value. Learn how Xpitax can help you easily and profitably grow your practice with a dedicated team of accounting professionals.

Law Firms
You help your clients navigate the complexities of the tax law - to plan for their futures, the future of their businesses, their legacies, and sometimes to help them get back on track. Your specialized expertise is in high demand. You’ve built strong client relationships on a foundation of trust. It’s important that you extend that trust to the right accounting partner. Learn how Xpitax can help you.

Financial Services Organizations
Your greatest asset is the talent of the individuals who work for you. You deliver sound financial advice to your clients. As a result, they look to you to manage a breadth of financial services. Learn how Xpitax can help you profitably manage routine tax and accounting work, freeing you and your team to focus on serving your clients.

Corporate Tax Departments
Your department manages a lot of deliverables critical to the company’s overall financial health. But, you’re viewed as overhead and are therefore being pushed to do more with fewer resources. Learn how Xpitax can help you cost-effectively extend your team with skilled accountants to help you with sales tax management, state and local taxes, executive returns, and other data entry intensive work.