Workflow Software

Xpitax developed the XCM workflow software help you better control the outsourcing process, and to facilitate collaboration with your outsourcing team. All Xpitax outsourcing services include the use of XCM Outsource, a streamlined version of the award-winning workflow software expressly for outsourcing. Firms may also choose the full version of XCM, a complete workflow management system that empowers you to manage all types of work firm-wide, within all departments and across multiple offices – helping you work more efficiently and effectively.

As a standalone software solution, XCM works well with your existing technology investments, including transactional systems like general ledger, tax, engagement and other such applications, and integrates with practice management and document management systems to give you a comprehensive view of all work within the firm and its status within the defined processes. This knowledge is necessary for resource management, client management and workload management at the individual, partner and firm administrator levels.

XCM brings together essential functionality - often found in disparate tools, spreadsheets, and databases – to give you an easy, more productive way to manage work across your firm. Key features include:

  • Personal Workload Management
  • Process Control and Standardization
  • Centralized Knowledge Management and Storage
  • Enhanced Client Service
  • Simplified Project Management
  • Firm-Wide Resource Management
  • Complete Workflow Automation

Learn how XCM helps you:

  • Improve efficiency through streamlined, automated processes
  • Improve effectiveness by empowering staff with real-time access to information and clear, controlled processes for better compliance
  • Increase productivity and profitability by freeing firm talent to focus on higher value client service and to achieve better work-life balance – contributing to improved client and employee satisfaction

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