Our Solutions


Our Solutions

Developed by CPAs for the accounting profession, Xpitax tax and accounting outsourcing services help accounting professionals in a variety of businesses more effectively manage their compliance work so they can focus on delivering value.

How can Xpitax help you? Learn more about our solutions.

Tax Outsourcing Services
Xpitax helps you reduce busy season "burnout" and churn, increase customer satisfaction and most importantly, optimizes firm profitability.

Accounting Outsourcing Services
Xpitax Accounting™ enables firms of all sizes to offer their small and mid-size business clients a full suite of client accounting services, utilizing our bookkeeping and accounting professionals for routine work, while you and your staff focus on value creation.

Workflow Software
XCM is a complete workflow management system that empowers you to manage all types of work firm-wide, within all departments and across multiple offices.

Secure File Transfer Software
XCMportal integrates with your XCM workflow software to enable you and your staff to upload and download information to a secure, personalized portal when you need to according to your established processes.

PDF Toolbar for Accountants
XCMtoolbar is designed to help accountants more effectively work with PDFs. It’s a plug-in designed for use with Adobe® Acrobat® to help accounting professionals prepare and review workpapers digitally in PDFs.