Our Process


Our Process

In addition to our knowledgeable professionals, Xpitax has invested significant time and resources in creating efficient and effective processes. Over time, we have refined our processes and developed innovative tools to provide a strong framework for delivering quality services. These standardized processes and deliverables make it easy to send and review your outsourced work.

The Xpitax U.S. and India management teams are comprised of top talent from the fields of Business Process Outsourcing and Accountancy. We have combined a broad understanding of successful outsourcing models with a deep understanding of the unique needs of the accounting profession to design a highly flexible process that assures quality and fast turnaround. In fact, we hold four patents on various aspects of our outsourcing processes.

Because we understand the day-to-day and minute-to-minute issues that accounting professionals face during busy periods, we recognize the need for a complete workflow process that is easy to employ and seamless with your in-house processes. Our processes also use technology strategically to ensure security, efficiency and accuracy so you can keep abreast of all your outsourced work quickly and easily at any stage in the process.

All you need to begin outsourcing is a scanner and a high-speed Internet connection. The Xpitax system mirrors the processes that occur every day in thousands of accounting firms across the country. We do not change the way you do business. We simply make it more efficient and more effective.